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Finding Wild

I am a nature lover, mother, and adventurer. I find calm in forest runs, weekends outside, coffee, and campfires. This is a blog about food, family, and finding wild in everyday life. A gathering place for wild moments and the balance between work, family, and self... one tablespoon of wild at a time.

This is also a blog that highlights the joys of playful parenting. A place for ideas, activities, and connections where I chronicle, and hopefully inspire, the powerful relationship between kids and nature.

I grew up playing outside. I have strong roots to Georgian Bay, Ontario. Summers were spent in the forest building forts or exploring the treasure at the bottoms of the lake. Winters were a playground of changing landscapes with snow bank castles, icy hills (Ontario’s mountains), and backyard ice rinks. Spring and fall were everything in-between and always accompanied by the sweet smell of new beginnings or the familiar smell of campfires and fallen leaves.

I want my son to grow up with these same wonderous and inviting experiences. These days I can easily get sucked into the comforting call of the couch and (insert whatever Netflix series I am plowing through). This blog is to increase my own self awareness and accountability in raising my son and creating my family in a way that truly aligns with my values: connection, family, nature, adventure, individuality. I want my little dude to be a Wild One: appreciating all that our amazing wilderness has to offer, respecting it, and exploring it. Its my goal to foster and inspire his ‘wild-ness.’