May Long Weekend

Three nights together, away from work and the chores of home, in the forest 'home' site 313 in East River Campground, Arrowhead Provincial Park. Cold nights, cold mornings, misty days, hot days, and rain; we loved every minute of it, together. 

Morning oatmeal and pancakes were a nice side to hot pour over coffee. Warm soup and biscuits filled us after day time adventures. Quesadillas turned into stuffed burrito-style rolls which resulted in perfection and a new camp food staple. Marshmallows were enjoyed every few hours over the course of the weekend which will likely result in a short term sugar withdrawal once back to the grind. 

We explored, caught bugs, released bugs, found snacks for bugs, named a squirrel, met someone who saw a bear, hiked, ran, played soccer, spotted Robins and Bluejays, saw an Eagle, played store in the back of the car, dug a hole, made campfires, roasted marshmallows, listed to the rain, ran away from campfire smoke (or a Co calls it 'fog'), and said soo many 'I love you' s.