Coffee Station

Instant coffee is fine in a pinch but do you really want to trust your sanity and alertness to something of the 'instant' variety? There is no replacement for the sweet aroma and taste of fresh grounds and hot water. So basic yet so magnificent. A good cup of coffee is a simple way to bring comfort into a camping trip; especially on those cold (or early) mornings. Good or bad, my son knows that the first thing we do is make coffee when we get up and he loves to help. He gets his own special morning drink of chamomile tea in a mug or 'coffee milk' which is just almond milk in a coffee cup. This makes for special morning bonding time, wicked coffee making company, and necessary task completion. 

I thought that I would share my coffee set-up with you in case you are needing some guidance in making the perfect morning camping brew:

  • #2 Unbleached coffee filters (these can be found at any grocery store)
  • Snow Peak Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Maker (buy online or at mec)
  • Pre-ground or Grind-before-you-go-camping coffee: Kicking Horse Coffee, Oso Negro Coffee, Balzac Coffee
  • Tetra packs of Almond Milk (these keep well in the cooler and unopened boxes do not require refrigeration)
  • 1 tablespoon of wild (maybe this is honey, maple syrup, sugar, or love... OR maybe it is Kahula - you decide what kind of morning you are having)
Coffee Station