6 Mile Lake Provincial Park (Just me and my little man)

Today we set off for a weekend camping trip to 6 Mile Lake Provincial Park. Not too far but far enough that its an adventure. This time it's just my little man and I....so of course I brought my little two-person backpacking adventure tent to mark the occasion! The memories continue to be made in the first tent I ever bought myself (probably about 13 years ago). The memories continue to roll in and bring a smile to my face along with random laughter: Breakfast couscous, having to sleep on the trail, soaking the inside of my waterproof (outer layer) boots, winter camping, forgetting the polls....

Check out our weekend menu below and stay tuned for the Adventure post. We have friends joining us or a night or two and are stoked to split the time between mother-son bonding and sharing our camping adventures with friends.


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