Wild Diaper (Baby) Bag Update and Insights

At 5 months old, little Milo has been camping in Ontario, adventuring in Newfoundland, hiking around Simcoe County, and exploring Calgary/Banff. This little dude is quite the adventurer already. Therefore, I have had extensive experience with his diaper bag. The post I wrote pre-baby (A Wild Take on the Diaper Bag) is one of my most popular posts and I have had lots of questions and comments on it. Some people were letting me know that they have created their own version of this Wild Baby Bag and others shared their amazement that all my baby and mom survival tools can fit in such a small sack. I thought it was time to post an honest review and update to the practical use of our baby bag to date. 

My Wild Diaper Bag is a mini Fjallraven Kanken backpack (yes...the smallest size). Inside I stow the following:

MEC Pack Rat Stuff Sack which holds my Naty or Honest Company diapers and a small pack of wipes, a MEC Nano XP Dry Bag used to store Milo's dirty diapers (and sometimes poopy clothes) when they can't go in a garbage.

Handsanitizer (because poop is dirty and so are door handles and other things that Milo and I end up putting our hands on) 

A back-up onesie (because this kid is a poop machine and very talented at making explosions happen). 

A small toy/teether  

Mom stuff: sunglasses, wallet, iPhone, lip chap, Swiss Army knife (small airplane version... I use the scissors all the time), and snacks (because no one likes a hungry momma bear). 

Despite its tiny size this bag really does fit all that I need. I have even managed to stuff little extras as needed such as a blanket, sandwich, or book! In the beginning I also stowed a wrap style carrier in a stuff sack but now I more often use a buckle style carrier (Boba Carrier) so that gets kept in the car for all of our errands and adventures. If you like to (or need to) carry around more personal items or your baby needs larger items on the go (like a bottle or special creams/medicines) then I would likely size up and get the original Kanken bag. Also, if you plan on wearing this bag as a backpack then the mini will likely let you down. I am a small woman and even on a good day I feel like a sausage when I try to get it around both arms (similar to feeling stuck in those baby swings at the park). So, to avoid embarassment and MacGyver moves, if you want a baby bag you can wear backpack style then size up to the original Kanken. Other then that I really have no complaints. I love how the material has softened with use and the zippers have held up to stuffing without issue. The use of stuff sacks for the other stuff also makes it super easy to make your daypack diaper-bag-ready when going out on adventures.... just remove stuff sacks with all their goodies and transfer into adventure worthy bag (changing back when you are tired and home is just as simple). Let's review and wrap this up. The bag is gender neutral (which all baby bags should be in my opinion since its 2016 and we share the load), it holds all the important things, it looks cool, and it's adventure friendly. The size of the mini is a great motivator to carry around less and prioritize. The bigger the bag the more stuff you carry around that you likely don't need and your baby alone is enough extra weight. Like the tiny house movement, the tiny baby bag is getting two thumbs up from this wild one. 

((All pics on this post taken by my amazingly talented soul sister Jess at www.jessicaameliaphotography.com ))