Hike-it Coffee Caddie

So as many of you know, I have a thing for a good cuppa joe. I do drink water (I should drink more). As we head into the cooler weather I just love bringing along my trusty ol' travel mug filled with a dark roast (or tea if I've maxed out my coffee intake...or decaf if I'm desperate). The big issues have been what to do when the mug is empty or if I need both hands...if you are babywearing in a soft carrier the options are quite limited. In fact, they are mostly limited to asking your buddy to hold your mug or hope your friend who brought a back pack will stash it (which isn't an option on solo hikes obviously).  

Now, maybe this contraption already exists or maybe I should look into a patent.... 


Two simple devices have made my coffee-hiking dreams come true...a slim carabiner and a climbers chalk bag. It holds my 12-ounce KleenKanteen without issue and easily clips onto my Boba carrier. It is honestly unnoticeable when I hike! So for those mamas who get me and my coffee obsession....how do you caddie your coffee? 


Chantelle Quesnelle1 Comment