Good Enough

I am not super mom. Sometimes I'll scroll through my instagram feed and think about all those regular life moments that are left out. The too many hours of toddler show watching (I praise and curse Netflix simultaneously), the take-out cheese hamburger diners, the second dessert to avoid a meltdown, or the once a week baths (oops!). These moments are not glamerous and they rarely make for interesting photos. I am not super mom. I actually don't really want to be. But, if you are just judging me based off of my social media then.... well for one thing stop judging, and then remember that this is an edited version of life. 

Motherhood has not been easy. Its been wonderful and truely amazing.... but rarely easy. I have learned to embrace the "good enough" and rejoice in the superb (no matter how few and far between). There will always be an insta-mom who's feed makes it look like she has all of her shit together and ducks in a row. She doesn't.... SHE DOESN'T.

We sacrifice, we compromise, we balance, and we forfeit. That is parenthood. If we have it too together in one aspect of life than the other pieces are lacking... that's just how it is. This is also what makes life incredibly interesting, and magical, and unpredictable. And, we get so, so much back in return. 

To find some sort of balance in daily routines I paint, blog, create, and/or exercise. I hike and do something more significant outside at least once a week. I try to do something more adventurous at least once a month. This formula works for me. It might not work for you. Some of you might need more self time or wild adventures and some of you less. If I do not do these things I begin to fall apart. I will often choose self-care over laundry, and as a family we all seem to figure it out somehow. 

So, as I often say to my sassy toddler, "you betta check yourself before you wreck yourself." When you get all caught up in the inevitable social media comparison trap: say the above mantra, refill your coffee, decide what is "good enough" today (the state of the floors, the laundry, the veggie intake) and then dedicate some time to whatever type of adventure you are craving. 

A TABLESPOON of wild goes a long way (cheeeeeese-balls but true).