A small break, a new baby, a return to adventure.

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on here. Life got busy with some pretty amazing things. On May 6th our little family welcomed Milo into the world. He arrived exactly on his due date and he is absolutely amazing. Needless to say, I have been taking it easy for the last few weeks. Despite feeling anxious to get outside on hikes and adventures, my body has been telling me to take it easy for now. Strolls around the neighbourhood have been the extent of our current day plans. I am okay with that.

To add to the crazy, we also decided to move. With a quick turn around we purchased our new home and sold our current one - our first home. It has felt like a whirlwind! Despite the challenging timing and the love we have for our current home... it still feels right. So the moving, renovations, and re-nesting are all about to begin in the next few weeks. One of the many exciting things about our new home is that I will have great storage for all of my camp gear! No more dungeon basement storing in rubbermaids to keep the pests out... there will be shelves and organization (my own little gear corner). Stick around for the pictures and posts of what I end up creating. 

As for summer adventures... there have been some bumps (wonderful bumps but bumps nonetheless) in our plans. My husband is starting a new job (the same day we move of course) which impacts some of our plans due to vacation day restrictions. We are likely back to weekend warrior status for the summer so I will be getting on top of finding the last remaining spots at some of our favourite campgrounds close by (fingers crossed for availability). Our trip to the Newfoundland is still on track. Ocean, hiking, east-coast music, and family time will make for a wonderful post-baby, post-move, post-reno break indeed. 

So for now the adventures are small and close to home. Taking it easy is required so that my body can heal and I can figure out life with two children. I imagine that yet again, getting outside and adventuring will be good for all of us - body and soul.